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Hollow Plug Body Assy

The Hollow Plug Body Assy is a key component to the high pressure Access Fitting assembly, as the plug body provides the seal in the access fitting, there by maintaining line pressure. The plug also serves an important function of holding the monitoring equipment which is exposed to the system, and is the component to which the Retriever attaches in order to access and service the cormon corrosion monitoring equipment.

Coupon Preparation and Cleaning
The decision of strategy for beginning readiness of the coupon surface, and for cleaning the coupon
later use, is basic in getting helpful information. Both the pertinence and reproducibility of weight reduction
information are exceptionally touchy to the inborn reasonableness of these methods, and to the consideration with which
they are executed.
Surface completing strategies fluctuate across an expansive reach for
explicit applications. Impacting with glass dab, sand, or
other total can give a satisfactory completion to a few
applications. Sanding with rough belts, or surface or
twofold plate crushing with rough stones likewise gives an
superb surface for assessment.
Cleaning of examples prior to gauging and openness is basic to eliminate any pollutants that
could influence test results.

Reference ought to be made to NACE Recommended Practice RP-0775 and ASTM G-1 and G-4 for
further detail on surface getting done and cleaning of weight reduction coupons.


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